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Landmark Signature Homes, Inc. has been providing their clients with award-winning, quality featured homes for more than 30 years. We have vast experience in the construction of semi-custom and custom homes with home prices valued in excess of $4,000,000.
Michael Bellet, the President of our firm, has been building homes for almost 45 years. A third generation builder, he offers vast experience, from meeting with the clients to exchange ideas and understand their needs in a new home, working with our architect and their interior designer, the involvement in the construction process and the ultimate completion of their dream home.
The Landmark team considers their relationship with the clients a long-term one. After move-in, our relationship continues thru our Customer Care Department. This department has received many accolades, as we consider our relationship a long-term one.
Our team philosophy is based upon providing excellent service to our client. This philosophy is superior to all other goals.
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Mike Bellet

“In order to be a successful luxury home builder, you need to be totally and unequivocally committed to ultimate service to the client…..we provide that service from day one, when we are exchanging ideas, through the design, construction and completion stages……we’re there for you.”

Remember, when you decide to build a home, it’s more than a home… it’s a Landmark.

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